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SalesPartners is the dedicated sales collaboration tool for AV sales reps AND manufacturers. Vastly improved, transparent workflow helps you close deals faster and more
easily than ever before. 


sales reps

Clear, transparent workflow for AV projects and retail channels.

Instant access to the latest, most up-to-date product data and pricing to generate accurate, on-the-spot quotations.

No messing around with emails, calendars and spreadsheets. All the data you need at your fingertips, organized to suit you.

Improved communication, streamlined organization to better arrange the deals you need to win.


Works Across Organizations

A unique feature of SalesPartners is that it works across organizations.

You can share data about sales opportunities with relevant partners whilst keeping any information you want private.

Everyone stays in the loop.


Easy upload and maintenance of your digital catalog ensures that your sales channel always has access to the latest product and pricing information.

Offers a clear overview of the sales opportunities in progress.

No more chasing down forecasts.

Plan deliveries and production with accuracy.



" Finally a CRM that fits our business as a Sales Rep Firm and understands our industry. It raises our value to both our customers and manufacturers."

Gene Williams, Principal at Frequency Sales, Chicago



What the Sales Reps and Manufacturers Say

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Sales Rep



Sales Rep

"SalesPartners is the first CRM built for my business as a Rep Firm."



"It’s great that we can share information with our reps on a single platform."

Sales Rep

"Meeting customers knowing that you have instant access to all the latest product and pricing information and can generate a quote instantly is invaluable."



"Knowing that our reps are always armed with the most up-to-date product and pricing data gives us peace of mind."

Sales Rep

"No more messing around with emails, calendars and spreadsheets to find the information I need is a huge timesaver."



"No more chasing forecasts – We now have clear visibility of our Reps’ leads and sales opportunities."

Sales Rep

"A properly organised, streamlined workflow has made me so much more productive."



"We can plan production and deliveries with accuracy."

Sales Rep

"I finally have my life back!"



"Improved workflow and process management has resulted in improved sales – we’re happy!"


See how SalesPartners helps Sales Reps and Manufacturers work better together


Sales Representatives



“It is inconceivable to me for a manufacturer not to use
SalesPartners for project tracking with their reps…”

For Sales Reps Email/Spreadsheet Custom CRM SalesPartners
Sales Rep Workflow No Maybe Yes
Collaboration No Only within company Yes
All products in one place No Yes Yes
Data import No Needs customisation Yes
Opportunity Sharing No Only within company Yes
Assignment of Tasks No Only within company Yes
Assignment of Leads No Only within company Yes
Time to adopt Short Long Short
Cost Low High Low
For Manufacturers Email/Spreadsheet Custom CRM SalesPartners
Ensure reps have up to date pricing No No Yes
Ensure reps have up to date product information No No Yes
Details on forthcoming opportunities No No Yes
Data Import No Needs Customisation Yes
Product Catalog Creation Service No Only with company Yes
Assignment of Tasks No Only with company Yes
Assignment of Leads No Only with company Yes
Time to adopt Short Long Short
Cost Low High Low

“Seamless collaboration with our Reps is a game changer"


SalesPartners CRM - The Customer Journey

How to Get Started...


1) Sign up for a trial subscription to be a Member of SalesPartners


2) We will contact you with details about your new account

3) Sign in and start adding Opportunities, Leads, Contacts and Companies

4) If you have existing data sets or systems, you can import your Companies, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities.  We have support materials to guide you through this process.  You can also use our data import services to accelerate and improve this process.

5) Add and configure your Company’s users and Sharing Partners

6) Manufacturers: Convert and upload your product catalogs.  Or use our Digital Catalog services to do this for you.

7) Start selling!


You can schedule a call with our support and training team so we can help anytime

Or you want to talk to us about this, call +1 949 609 1497


White Paper: The Revolution of the Independent Sales Rep

Our white paper starts with the history of the sales rep model in the US, a model that hasn’t changed in decades. Although this model is still at the forefront of the sales process for many manufacturers, this paper argues that the relationship between manufacturer and sales rep should be more beneficial for both and discusses how it must change to better serve the market. Thanks to the explosion in sales management technologies and services over the past 20 years, many organizations have significantly improved their sales processes, however almost all of these products failed to recognize the specific needs of the collaborative nature of the rep model.
A next generation sales platform is needed in the 21st Century  - one that works across companies to foster true collaboration between the different independent partners in the sales process.
Defining a collaborative model that works for all partners begins with understanding the needs of the market, its manufacturers and its sales reps. Once understood, the model then needs to become a trans-organizational system, effectively  addressing collaboration pathways, security and data sharing.
In the AV industry, we are used to reading many white papers on technical questions but few on the subject of the sale, without which, nothing else would happen.

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