What makes SalesPartners CRM different from all of the other cloud CRM services?

SalesPartners CRM was designed from the bottom up to serve the needs of manufacturers and independent sales rep firms. It offers unique collaboration, sharing/social features and a powerful digital catalog engine that optimizes the experience and success of this business model. Our research indicates that a CRM customized to match and optimize your company’s business model will yield a far greater value than the generic CRM toolkits offered by so many companies today.

Why has SalesPartners focused on the independent rep model?

At SalesPartners, we believe that rep firms offer the best selling resource possible for a product manufacturer. Armed with our CRM and team of sales experts, we believe that the power of the rep firm has just taken a major step forward.

What if I have captive sales people?

SalesPartners CRM is equally powerful for manufacturers with their own internal sales teams, or indeed for managing a hybrid model that utilizes reps in some territories and internal sales people in others.

What information is shared?

The member’s admin selects which Opportunities, Leads and Tasks to share with their designated “Sharing Partners”. Sharing settings can be very granular or broad depending on the preferences set by the admin. A member’s companies and contacts details are not shared, they are considered private entities.

How do I collaborate with my Sharing Partners?

When authorized, you, your internal team and your Sharing Partners can work on sales opportunities as a team. To facilitate collaboration, you can assign and receive tasks with your team and Sharing Partners so that you can work together asynchronously to progress sales forward.

What is the learning curve for SalesPartners CRM?

We expect there to be virtually no learning curve, the workflow is straightforward and the user interface intuitive.

Can I import my existing data into SalesPartners?

Yes, and in fact we have import logic that helps you clean up your data prior to import resulting in a much more efficient data set. Alternatively, we also offer a range of data import services that enable you to take advantage of our experience and special techniques for cleaning up your data so that you can focus your efforts on selling instead of data work.

How do I customize SalesPartners to fit my business?

Actually, we have already done this for each market segment we serve. Our initial target market is the Pro AV market (InfoComm, CEDIA, etc.) We have surveyed many rep firms and manufacturers to understand this business model and SalesPartners has been specifically developed to to match the requirements of this industry. Using other CRMs, you simply could not duplicate SalesPartners capabilities for our business at any price.

What is special about SalesPartners CRM for the Pro AV market?

We have built a standard workflow around the needs of rep firms and manufacturers and how they work with each other and with integrators, dealers and consultants. We have included standard terminology that makes data entry easy and consistent. We have also built multi-transaction capability into our Sales Opportunity module to handle complex projects.

One of the major challenges with traditional CRMs is the cost, time, expertise and experience required to customize it to fit your company’s needs; something that is beyond the means of most small and medium sized companies. With SalesPartners, all that work has already been done for you. SalesPartners CRM is a complete, out-of-the-box, no training required CRM solution.

Who can upload product catalogs (price books)?

A member who is a manufacturer product company can upload their catalogs with as many brands as they like. Once they select their rep firms, these firms can view and use those catalogs in their sales activities.

So that a rep firm can have access to their entire product library, rep firms whose manufacturers are not members can also upload product catalogs. In this case, only the rep firm uploading has access to those catalogs.

How do I prepare my Product Catalog for upload into SalesPartners?

We have a standard template so that your catalog can be converted and uploaded.

Why do you refer to catalogs uploaded into SalesPartners as “Digital Catalogs”?

Most product companies offer their catalogs in PDF or Excel in a format intended for printing and reading like a book. Once your products are in SalesPartners CRM, they are part of our sortable, searchable, web-linked catalog engine. In addition, all of the rep firm’s product lines are now in one common catalog. This enables the sales person to be far more productive and effective in serving their customers needs. Selecting, configuring, budgeting and quoting products can be done on the fly during customer meetings to generate instant, accurate quotes.

What services do you offer to help your customer be successful with Sales Partners?

Through our internal experts and our partner network, we offer a number of services in this regard including:

  • Data import services
  • Digital Catalog conversion and enhancement
  • Best practices training
  • Enhancing the product customer experience
  • Sales strategy for sales rep firms
  • Channel strategy for manufacturers
  • We have developed the skills and experience to accelerate your results from SalesPartners CRM. We are constantly looking for ways to help our customers to be more successful.

    Do you offer integration with other CRMs, ERPs and other systems?

    We can look at your needs in this regard and see what the benefits of integration would be and offer integration services through internal technical team and our partner network.

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