Data Import and Product Catalog Services


Data Import (Standard):
SalesPartners will prepare your Contacts, Companies, Opportunities and Leads Data for Import into SalesPartners CRM. We will correct any issues so that the data imports correctly into your Member Account.

Data Import (Premium):
In addition to Data Import (Standard), SalesPartners will clean your data of duplicates, empty required fields, redundant entities and create proper relationships between Contacts, Companies and Opportunities. This typically involves our team engaging with you for clarifications.

Data Import (Ultimate):
In addition to Data Import (Premium), SalesPartners will research and attribute Companies and Contacts and apply the information to Opportunities. Because of our expertise in the market, we have the ability to create a clean, organized, accurate and complete data set for you. Most companies have a strong desire to do this but don’t have the time nor expertise to do this, but we can do it for you!


Product Catalog Preparation (Standard):
SalesPartners will convert your existing product catalog/price book (up to three brands and one manufacturer) to a .CSV data format so that it can be uploaded into SalesPartners CRM. We will test to ensure that the upload is successful. This service includes up to 3 brands and one manufacturer.

Product Catalog Preparation (Premium):
In addition to Product Catalog Preparation (Standard), SalesPartners will create a “Source Catalog” which is an Excel Workbook that contains your Excel Price Book(s) and contains data lookups to the SalesPartners formatted worksheet. This makes it very easy to update your catalog in SalesPartners. We also will attribute all products to a standardized product type which takes advantage of the powerful filter/search engine in SalesPartners CRM. We also create Product-Option relationships to the bets of our ability to understand your products. Usually you will want to edit these relationships, but this will give you a great start.

Product Catalog Preparation (Ultimate):
In addition to Product Catalog Preparation (Premium), SalesPartners will add URL product links for each product row that has a URL. We create formulas that translates model names to URLs or URL search results on your website. If your website’s product pages are not identified by the Model name or something close to it, then manually discovered and entered URLs will be required. For product catalogs that contain more than 100 products, there will be an additional cost for manually discovering and entering URLs. This Premium Catalog also includes translation to the InfoComm EZip format that can be used for connecting with EZip friendly services.


Website Product Audit: SalesPartners will review the products function of your website including search, navigation, product pages, performance and other key aspects. We will provide a gap analysis of what needs to be improved to optimize the experience of your customers looking for and researching your products.