Sales Strategy and Process Consulting


Through our partnership with Philip Van Peborgh, a sales strategy consultant, SalesPartners offers our customers key expertise in sales strategy and process development. The services may be tied directly to leveraging SalesPartners CRM platform or focused on management level initiatives.

Philip Van Peborgh works with VP’s of Sales, National Sales Managers, rep firm Principals and their teams to increase expertise and success in customer, territory and product management. Emphasis is placed on developing a holistic overview of the sales environment to create a multi-faceted and collaborative approach to revenue generation, leveraging the entire sales pipeline. He is currently building internal sales tools, territory management procedures and analyzing current CRM usage for several organizations.


Recent projects include

  • Working with a manufacturer to analyze and implement changes in their sales structure to reduce the burden of tracking projects and sales, increase internal communication and increase customer support.
  • Distilling and re-stating a manufacturers key selling advantages, allowing them to create new sales material for the entire sales pipeline.
  • Outlining territory management theory with a rep firm leading to an increase in revenue and reduction in work hours, travel and reporting burden for their employees.


Since it’s conception, Philip has worked with Scott Leslie to ensure that SalesPartners is the best platform to encourage and facilitate collaboration, streamline actions and simplify reporting within an organization and across related partners. SalesPartners forms the foundation on which the best practices of holistic revenue are implemented and deployed.

Over the past 25 years as an Integrator, Sales Rep and Sales Manager, Philip Van Peborgh has implemented systems in multiple organizations to improve pipeline visibility, devise sales strategy and define procedures which maximize revenue.